1. A stroll down memory lane

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    Delight the Mummy-To-Be with this impressive nappy cake pram. Moulded expertly into shape, it comes packed with many helpful essentials for a new baby. Nappy Cake Ingredients: Approx 50 Pampers Nappies, Size 3* Soft Pram Fleece Blanket (acts as the base - pink, blue or white) Large Muslin Cloth Square (acts as the hood - pink, blue, cream or white) Flannel (acts as the handle - will match colour) Satin Backed, Teddy Comforter (acts as the baby - pink, blue or white) Decorated with Satin Ribbon (many colour choices) & Artificial Flower Heads (will match colours chosen) Gift wrapped: Polka Dot, Clear Cellophane Ingredients Card *We use size 3 nappies, so the gift does not need to be unpacked and used right away. Size 3 also being the most used size for a babies in their first year.